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Next AI Boom: Invest in Tesla Optimus & FigureAI Now

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& : The era of the is already upon us. This became evident last month when (NVDA), the world's leading AI chip manufacturer, announced a staggering 260% growth in revenues for the last quarter of 2023. Management forecasts an additional 230% increase in revenues for the current quarter.

While the mainstream media and the majority of investors are currently fixated on Nvidia's remarkable growth, the key players in the industry, including Nvidia itself, have shifted their focus to the next significant advancement: AI 2.0.

Our anticipation of AI 2.0 as the next frontier in AI development and a catalyst for substantial growth has been longstanding. However, it is now reaching a critical inflection point, marking a pivotal moment in its evolution.

As of last month, we learned that Nvidia itself is betting big on AI 2.0. 


They're not the only ones. Microsoft (MSFT), the largest AI company globally, is also placing substantial bets on AI 2.0. OpenAI, recognized as the most influential AI startup worldwide, is actively engaged in this next phase. Additionally, tech giants like (AMZN), (TSLA), Samsung, and two of the world's wealthiest individuals, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, are collectively investing millions of dollars into AI 2.0.

It's clear that the next wave of AI has indeed arrived.

Tesla Optimus and the AI 2.0 Revolution

So what exactly is AI 2.0?

AI 2.0 is the real-world manifestation of AI technologies through humanoid robots.


Yes, I'm talking about AI-powered robots like the ones you've seen in science fiction movies such as iRobot.

Tesla Optimus
Tesla Optimus

It seems like a “pie-in-the-sky” dream that humanoid robots are actually the next wave of AI. 

But they are. And that wave has already arrived. 

Tesla is developing a humanoid robot right now called Optimus that can already fold clothes, make eggs, exercise, and dance. 


The ultimate goal for these robots is for commercial use, but also for manufacturing, warehousing and retail use as well. Say goodbye to labor shortage issues. 

The Next Wave Has Already Begun

You might be wondering, “What's the significance of all this?”

Tesla envisions a future where numerous robots, like Optimus, are ubiquitous, aiding people globally in various mundane tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and organizing. Elon Musk has openly stated that Optimus could potentially surpass Tesla's core vehicle business in the long run.

Jeff Bezos, not to be outdone, is investing $100 million through his venture fund in FigureAI, a humanoid robot startup. He sees a promising future for humanoid robots, and it appears Musk and Bezos are on the same wavelength.


Surprisingly, Amazon, Bezos' former company, is putting $50 million into FigureAI. is joining the fray, committing $95 million, while Nvidia is contributing $50 million. OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, already the biggest investor in FigureAI, is adding another $5 million alongside Microsoft and Nvidia.

The support doesn't stop there – Intel and Samsung are reportedly also injecting funds into FigureAI. Clearly, these major players are aligning their investments with the belief that humanoid robots hold considerable potential.

Elon Musk's “A.I. Day” Announcement Will Open a Brief Wealth Window

Elon Musk has unveiled a groundbreaking opportunity for wealth creation that has the potential to mint a wave of new millionaires. This limited-time opportunity is poised to close with the impending “A.I. Day” hosted by Elon. As we approach the final stretch before Elon's latest project reaches the mainstream audience, Silicon Valley insider Luke Lango has divulged all the essential details about this wealth-generating window, offering crucial insights before it closes.

The Final Word

The signs are unmistakable. While AI-powered humanoid robots may seem like a concept from science fiction, the most influential companies, individuals, and leading AI innovators believe they represent the next frontier of AI – often referred to as AI 2.0.


With substantial financial commitments, amounting to millions of dollars, these powerful entities are actively working to construct AI 2.0. This marks the ongoing evolution of the AI Boom, unfolding before our eyes. Seizing your share of this transformative opportunity is imperative in the current landscape.

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