5 AI stocks to buy in 2024

AI STocks

By  Jacks Money

1. Nvidia

Nvidia dominates AI infrastructure with GPUs, vital for training and inference phases. Data center revenue soared due to generative AI, doubling in Q2 2023. New HGX H200 platform planned for 2024.

2. Alphabet

Alphabet, gearing up for the AI revolution, acquired DeepMind in 2014. Waymo leads in autonomous vehicles, now operational in SF and Phoenix. Bard AI, a response to ChatGPT, hasn't challenged Google Search dominance.

3. Microsoft

Microsoft's partnership with OpenAI is making waves, with a recent $10 billion investment. ChatGPT powers a new Bing search engine, with plans to integrate GPT features across Azure, Edge, Office, and more.

4. Amazon

Amazon, led by Jeff Bezos, is a pioneer in AI integration across its vast ecosystem. From Alexa to cashierless stores and AWS Sagemaker, AI drives innovation.

5. C3.ai

C3.ai stands out as a pure-play AI stock, offering end-to-end AI solutions through its SaaS platform. Its tools find applications in diverse sectors, from predicting aircraft failures for the U.S. Air Force to optimizing energy consumption for Engie.

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